Opium Sky

Opium Sky are a three-piece Progressive Metal band from north-west London, U.K. Influenced by thrash, metalcore, and artists from the so called “djent” scene, as well as all the other music of countless varities that they like, the band consists of guitarist Sam Tannenbaum, bassist Bill Palmer, and drummer Jack Maguire. All three members of the band take part in the creative process, giving the group a sound that possesses a unique blend of personalities and styles. 

The band was formed in the summer of 2015, when Sam and Jack, who were both members of their own separate bands, split with their respective groups due to stylistic differences. At this point, they both began looking for musicians with whom they could start new projects, but without any luck. They were both hopelessly lost for many months, and became increasingly frustrated. Eventually however, they were put in contact with one another by the Rhythm Studio, and the subsequent weeks were spent jamming and coming up with riffs. 

When they returned to the practice room that September, Sam brought with him some new, djenty seven-string riffs, and upon listening to them, Jack devised the necessary grooves for an utterly face melting polyrhythmic menace of a tune to be conceived. However, both Sam and Jack felt that a component was missing from the equation as it was thus far. And they knew exactly what that component had been, as of the moment that Bill Palmer stepped into the studio, after being recommended for the post of bassist, by the Rhythm Studio. At first, his presence made Sam and Jack uneasy; Bill is a very dark character, who has been exposed to the world in ways that Sam and Jack, mere children, simply could not understand. But they soon figured out that Bill was a pretty regular, chilled out guy, who also happens to possess phenomenal skill with the bass, with great technical accomplished in many areas, but with a particular interest in metal. 

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All that was missing was a band name, and after due consideration (which included mulling over every possible band name under the sun) the trio settled on “Opium Sky”, because it is utterly stupid and literally means nothing and therefore was an amicable compromise between bandmates who were locked in an intense debate over the matter of band names. The band then began playing at rhythm studio gigs, with a set of their own tunes, and by the summer of 2016, they started receiving gig invitations and opportunities from elsewhere too.

Today, Sam plays an eight string, because he just couldn’t go low enough with the seven. Jack is practicing his odd time signatures and funky ghost-note laden grooves to the metronome and, even as he slowly breaks under the stress of his GCSE’s, Bill is at work on his crazy bass licks. The band is currently working on new material, and is even in the process of releasing its first single, which will be out this coming July.

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