Indigo Husk

Indigo husk are a four piece alternative band, and promise a set with the energy of punk and and the lo-fi sound and high volume of garage rock. In a typical set, audiences can expect genres spanning from jazzy psychedelia to frantically fast grungy blues, linking the eclectic set together with enthusiasm and style. Joe Hamm, Joe Taylor, Big Mac and Flynn can promise a high energy set due to a passion for live performance, and a gorgeous bass player.

Indigo Husk's debut single “Grin” was recorded at Coldplay’s Beehive Studios and released on RS Recordings in March 2015.

"Tricky guitar licks á la John Frusciante combine with a Libertines substance-abuse slur and the off-kilter approach of Vampire Weekend to quite pleasing effect on this promising offering from this youthful quartet which leaves us eager to hear more." - Glasswerk 

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